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Get ride taxi with driver, taxi ride or cab in nyc New York or all over the USA

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Booking and managing rides with taxi or car with driver are quick and easy. Get ride with licensed and insured drivers, taxi or cab in nyc New York or all overthe USA is our job. So, Your safety is our number one priority.

with real time app order, tracking and alerts. whatever your distination, airport, work, or any other distinations,you are incharge of your ride.


Eco Car

eco car

Eco friendly cars, vans and any car at discount rate


Base Charge
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute
Cost Minimum

Black Car

Black car

Nice clean cars: town cars, BMW cars, Cadillac's cars, Mercedes-Benz cars, Sports cars


Base Charge
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute
Cost Minimum


Black car

The best Minivans in the market 10% gratuity will be added at the end of the fare.

Minivan PRICING.

Base Charge
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute
Cost Minimum


suv car

Larger Suv's -Hummers, GMCS, Sport Coups, Vans, Navigators, Escalade


Base Charge
Cost Per Mile
Cost Per Minute
Cost Minimum

1. What is CRE81?

CRE81 is a platform provider where ground transportation provider connect with people who need ride using smart phone or website.

2. Is the app free to download?

Yes. The app is completely free and you can click CRE81 iOS to install.

3. How do you set the fares?

We work hard to bring you the best fares possible by making sure that the service provider agrees to comply with rules and regulations are set by the local, state and federal authorities and at the same time with the quality of the ride that the money can buy, please note that there are no Surges in fares like our competitors and therefore we request you to be generous when giving gratuity specially during the rush hours 6Am to 10Am and 1Pm to 5Pm and when the weather and traffic conditions delays ride, time is money and that is all matter. In order to keep the fares low your gratuity means a lot.

4. Do I need to tip driver?

Tipping your driver is not a must, but we believe our drivers deserve a tip for their excellent services. There is a tip feature in the app. Please set a higher tip percentage if you think driver did a good job. We pay 100% of your tip to drivers.

5. How do you select your drivers?

We work with professional commercial TCP drivers. Unlike other ridesharing companies, your drivers are legal and licensed to work for transportation. So you can be safe that you are getting a professional service from someone you can trust.

6. Can I see a demo of the app?

The best way to see a demo is to download it and give it a shot. It is simple. You can see all available drivers nearby and get on by tabbing "Pick Me Up".

7. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, there is cancelation fee. At CRE81, we work hard to provide a fair deal for both passengers and drivers, which means passengers and drivers need to keep their promises. You can cancel your car in certain situations. But if we found you abuse it, we'll have to stop your account. Please see cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.

8. Is my credit card secure?

Yes, your credit card is not stored in CRE81 server. We use an industry leading PCI-certified payment processor. So your credit card is secure and you do not need to worry about security breaches.